南京大学地球科学与工程学院2024年度准聘长聘岗位招聘公告 Tenure-Track Faculty Positions in School of Earth Sciences and Engineering,Nanjing University,2024
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About the School

The history of School of Earth Sciences and Engineering at Nanjing University can be traced back to 1921, the earliest department of geology in China. After one century development, it has become a leading interdisciplinary center for high education and research in Earth Sciences. It consists of Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Department of Water Sciences, Department of Geological Engineering and Information. Today, it is the home of about120 faculty members, including 6 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and about 50 national high-level professors. Our colleagues have made a lot of achievements, such as the First Prize for the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the Second Prize for the National Natural Science Award. Geology and Mining Engineering were selected in the national "Double First-Class" construction plan.

In addition, the school hosts the State Key Laboratory for Mineral Deposits Research, Key Laboratory of Surficial Geochemistry, and Frontiers Science Center for Critical Earth Material Cycling, Ministry of Education. These research platforms provide many the state-of-arts facilities and welcome joint research projects to scientists around the world. The school encourages innovation and research quality. With focus on science frontiers, national needs and societal challenges, the school promotes interdisciplinary research and high education, and aims to build a new discipline system of earth sciences. It has established long-term cooperation and exchange relationships with dozens of universities and institutions around the world.


The School of Earth Sciences and Engineering at Nanjing University invites applications for five tenure-track Assistant Professor or tenure-track Associate Professor positions (Associate Professor positions no more than 2) in the following fields:

(1) Planetary Science

(2) Mineral & Mining Engineering

(3) Tectonics & Geodynamics

(4) Solid mineral resources and water resources

(5) Critical geological processes and material cycling


The applicant should

(1) abide by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, and have a passion for teaching and research;

(2) abide by the ethics of teachers, uphold academic integrity, be willing to work diligently, and have no criminal record or record in breaching the ethics of teachers and/or academic integrity;

(3) have a first-rate background in academic training—specifically, a PhD in relevant disciplines, experience in studying and/or working at first-rate teaching and research institutions, and knowledge of the latest international trends and development in the relevant research field(s);

(4) have outstanding teaching abilities—the applicant should be able to teach core and frontline courses in the corresponding discipline, and have sound teaching methodology and strong verbal skills;

(5) demonstrate outstanding research output and potential—the applicant should have publications in his/her field of research, original ideas about relevant fields of research, a clear vision about future research plans, and good potential for further academic development;

(6) The age of candidates for assistant professor is younger than 35 in principle;

(7)be in good health.

Supporting Materials for Applicat

(1) Three reference letters

(2) A detailed CV (in both Chinese and English)

(3) Other relevant attachments that demonstrate academic achievement

Please login to the talent recruitment platform of Nanjing University (http://zp.nju.edu.cn/) to submit the application materials required.

Compensation Package and Support

A successful candidate will be provided with:

(1) An annual salary (to be worked out individually)

(2) A start-up fund for research

(3) Qualification to supervise graduate students

(4) The university provides short-term lodging and housing subsidies. Applicants recruited can purchase commercial housing offered by the university at a special discount

(5) The university provides assistance with children's schooling at primary and secondary school levels

Application deadline


If the number of applicants for a single post is small, it will be extended appropriately.

Policy consultation

Contact number:姚老师 025-89680717

Email address:yaojing@nju.edu.cn

College website:https://es.nju.edu.cn/22835/list.htm